Physical Distance Based Capacity in Knightswood Community Centre

Physical Distance Based Capacity (PBDC)

(This is the maximum number of people, aged 12 years and older, who can physically distance within each room in Knightswood Community Centre following updated guidance from the Scottish Government. Young people aged 11 and under do not need to physically distance)

Hall/ Room PBDC (Maximum Nos.)
Alderman Hall 90
Stage 20
Thane Room 12
Lincoln Hall 40
Café 40
Bankhead Room 30
Chaplet Room 50
Kestrel Room 30
Talisman Room 5
Locksley Room 3
Hermitage Room 30
Rampart Room 5
Tabard Room 2
Foyer 15
Main Office 2
Reception Office 3
Kitchen 4
Lapidary Workshop 8

These figures are the maximum capacities for each room based on 1 metre physical distancing however numbers will be reduced depending on the nature of the activity (eg maximum numbers for exercise classes will be reduced).

The above PBDC is subject to change depending on the advice and guidance issued by the Scottish Government.