Knightswood Community Centre Garden Group Update

In the past few weeks, Knightswood Community Garden Group has hosted two exciting meetings that have given us the opportunity to explore some other green spaces in the area. We’ve also had some productive meetings that have focused on the potential of the community garden at the Centre.

The events follow on from the recent community survey [] about the interest in developing the greenspaces at the Centre into a community garden.

The first event was a visit to LINKES Food Forest. We were able to learn about the different types of fruit trees and bushes that have been planted and how they are cared for. It was a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings and gain a greater understanding for the food resource of the community. []

The second event was a visit to Corpus Christi Primary School Garden. We were able to see how the raised beds work and children in harmony with nature. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about sustainable living. [pictures/twitter]

In addition to these events, we also had two productive meetings where we discussed the future of our community garden. We talked about ways to improve the facilities, including how to design the path and what kind of fences are appropriate. We also discussed ideas for future events, such as a community gardening day and a market day where we can exchange plants or seeds with other green spaces around our community. [3rd KCC meeting.pdf]

Overall, these recent activities have been a great way to connect with our community and learn more about the importance of green spaces in our lives. We look forward to continuing to explore and improve our community garden in the future.

We have two more meetings and visits planned on Thu 27 Apr and Thu 11 May. If you would like to get involved then please contact either Gordon at Knightswood Community Centre or Joe at Glasgow Eco Trust (0141 433 0427).